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Calvary Baptist Church
Bible Study/Men's and Women's LIFE Groups

Just for Men
Class              Ages                   Rm. #

Men I            (23-45)                 309
Tim Grant

Victory I       (46-53)                  305
Don Cariker

Just for Ladies                        

Joy                   (45-55)               308
Delores Hutton

Ruth                 (56-64)               306
Gail Gilbert

One                                           211
Kim Barron

Sojourners of Lydia's                  115
Vanessa Palmer


Sonshine (Special Education)      114

Bro. Donnie                              308

Open Circle Fellowship (Engaged-20's)
Mike Stinson                           Sullivan Hall

Koinonia           (40-50)        Annex Building      
Bobby Vallery

Empty Nesters  (50-60)         Annex Building
Bob Williams


 101 Creations                       Annex Building
Dennis Williams

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